Toronto 4U Dream Home Group is a combination of four companies. Covering four major sectors: Real Estate Services, High-end Renovation, Smart Audio & Video, and Mortgage Services. Each company is among the best in the industry. This strong alliance aims to expand the mid- to high-end market and provide customers with a full range of professional services.
Realty Services

For Eric, a good real estate broker should provide quality service and real value to every customer who has real needs. The real estate agent's service is not just to drive the car to see the various properties on the market or put a FOR SALE logo on the grass in front of the house.

I think real estate transactions are the whole process that I provide to you in the process of buying or selling a house. From the beginning of our contact till the completion of buying and selling, I will update your market information and your relevant experience at different stages step by step. I believe that I can do more than buy or sell a house. I believe that I will let you have a very good memory of my professional services and business process.

Buying or selling is just the beginning. Call me today to see how my property trading service is different. . . . . .

Renovation Services

The Lucky 5 is a professional renovation company integrating design, construction and post-maintenance services. The company has 24 full-time employees with various insurance and licenses. And also we are Homedepot certified service provider.We are based on the principle of honesty and trustworthiness and word of mouth. To provide you with a full range of renovation services for both residential and commercial.
Our design fully reflects the people-oriented principle, based on your requirements, providing a high-grade comprehensive design. Whether it's nostalgic, natural or modern, we can achieve the perfect combination of creativity and value for money.

From small room paint up to whole house renovation,there is only one standard of our service, that is the boutique standard.

Smart Audio&Video

DiQi Audio & Video Ltd. is a distinctive audio company. The company's self-designed St.Marlyn series products fully reflect the professional concept of private customization. The St.Marlyn Karaoke series is designed according to the Asian vocal characteristics and won the approval of the Toronto singing community. The St.Marlyn Home Theater Series is beyond the concept of a traditional cinema and has achieved a quasi-4D effect.


Frank Zhou, the company's founder, sound designer, tuner, and professional singer, has been adhering to the quality first concept through out the entire life cycle of audio equipment design. Before each product is put on the market, he personally invites a number of singers, vocal teachers, audiophiles to test and provide feedback. And then modify the product until perfection.


In facing this year's real estate decline of global market, our workload is always saturated.


Of course, now every case needs to work harder than usual. The market is not good enough to increase the uncertainty of many Cases, and the core of bank approval is the rules. But the problem in this industry is precisely that there are no systematic rules, so the work is quite difficult.


Every customer has his specific situation. As a senior loan manager, I strive to solve the problems faced by the customers based on the needs of the customers.


The professional foundation is derived from the tireless study and experience of day and night.



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For any inquiries related to Reality Service, High End Renovation, Smart Audio&Video, and Mortgage. Questions or commendations, please call: 416-500-8777 or fill out the following form

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